Strangers in the Village is a blog by American author T (Teresa) Stores chronicling the ten months she and her partner, Susan Jarvis, and their two young children spend in a small rural village in southern France. Read more about T on her website (www.teresastores.com).


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Rhonda Hennrich Says:

    Hi! Great to see the pictures and read about your family! I am glad you are well. I wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy new year.
    We are well.

    I am looking forward to a creative new year. I hope that we get a chance to get together this year.

    Take Care

  2. mary welsh Says:

    Hi Teresa, Yr. blog is wonderful –love the countryside in snow. Don’t know if Susan still gets her e-mails on sovernet — wanted to ask her if she’ll be back for the tour this summer [July 17th and 18th]. We’re starting the publicity process now, so can she let us know? Have a great spring, Mary

  3. Kim Hennrich-Schenk Says:

    Hi Teresa,
    I’m Rhonda’s sister. I’ve heard so much about you and Susan from my sis, that I wanted to check out your work. This blog is awesome! You are such a great writer that I could sit up all night reading your stories! The pictures are nice too. Maybe one of these days I’ll get to meet you and the family. Until then, I’m going to keep on reading….
    Peace and Love to you and yours!

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